Seasoned Sausage Where You Can Have A Healthier Sausage Beef Frankfurter Sausages Breakfast Sausage Wisconsin Style Brat Beef Frankfurter Make your own Healthy Beef Frankfurters with a Seasoned Sausage Kit! Be the talk of your next BBQ as your guests bite into your homemade links. This style of sausage has slightly garlic and mustard flavors and seems to be made to put on a bun. But, it doesn't stop there. Easy to make Frankfurter recipes are versatile, so you can decide from the hundreds of hotdogs Kit makes 5 lbs Breakfast Sausage   Breakfast menus across the country feature this breakfast meat. Don’t forget breakfast for dinner as well.This slightly nutty sausage has mildly pepper undertone to make it a perfect start to the day. Imagine cooking for friends and family and telling them that you made the sausage for the morning feast. Kit makes 5 lbs. Wisconsin Style Brat Make your own Authentic Wisconsin Brat with a Seasoned Sausage Kit! This style is comparable to the major retailer Bratwurst Brats found in your local Grocery store..This style of sausage meat seems to be made to put on a bun. But, it doesn't stop there. These easy to make Wisconsin style Brats can be used in soups, turned into burgers, added to dishes such as Jambalaya or turned into meatballs. And we all know how to cook brats on a grill. Makes 5 Lbs $20.00 $15.00 $15.00