Seasoned Sausage Where You Can Have A Healthier Sausage Looking for a hard to find classic sausage flavor. Making your own sausage will ensure that you always find what you are looking for. Why pay a mass producer for a pale imitation of what you are really looking for? With good meats and the right spices you can recreate that special flavor you are looking for. British Banger Mexican Chorizo Chicken with Basil Looking for something hot and spicy? No need to cut the heat in your quest for a healthier sausage experience. Fire up the grill and enjoy the spice while taking care of your health at the same time. Nothing says heart healthy like chicken sausage. Quickly becoming a favorite amongst people seeking to reduce their cholesterol and fat intake. Some mass produced chicken sausages are still encased in hog casings and may use pork fat as well. Read the label. As always it is buyer beware.